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Gear down

Banners partly wallpapered on the wall, partly hanging freely in the room, ink of different colours, undiluted as well as diluted, on and between tissue papers, glued in three to four layers, approx 170 x 1600 cm, 2018

Installation views at Richas Digest, Cologne, 2018
Photo: Berit Schneidereit

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Gear Down was designed for the original exhibition space - a former gatehouse in Cologne. The work emphasizes the contrast between the small building and the approximately twenty times larger area of the adjacent parking lot and the associated garage doors. The gates are reflected from the outside in the window of the cabin and are continued in the interior on a paper banner in a painterly manner. Depicted in black and white and initially transferred realistically, the lines become independent in the course of the banner. The painted keyhole becomes larger and larger until on the opposite side of the window through the now wall-sized keyhole, the garage doors can be again recognised realistically painted.

On this endless loop one discovers colourful, figurative paintings and their imprints: Hiding behind a leaf, removing masks, looking in the mirror, feeling pleasure. They represent personal moments and speak for one's own positioning in an ever faster turning world.

The title Gear down is taken from the language of aviation. It describes the moment when the decision to land is made, the landing gear is extended and the landing is initiated.